Seven Up: Staff NCAAF Picks – Week 3

Is it November yet?

This college football season is taking its sweet old time getting up to speed, and this week is no exception. Every week, there seems to be an even larger batch of meaningless games, and another national “powerhouse” program sinks back into mediocrity. Eventually, someday on the proverbial horizon, we’ll get to real conference play (next week), but for now, here are the seven best matchups we could dig up this week, along with our top FCS game.

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 12.35.13 PM

Oklahoma, Iowa State and USC remain on the board for the second straight week, with the rest of the teams new to the mix. There’s confidence across the board for the Sooners, Tide, and Trojans, but Clemson showed last week that no pick is ever safe. No movement in our standings this week, but the running for the top spot remains tight with only a two game spread.

Here’s to another week of sweating out the last few minutes of a blowout and explaining to your girlfriend that you do, in fact, have to watch the end of the Bama/Ole Miss game, even though the Tide is up three TDs.

Happy garbage time,



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