NFL/NCAA Betting Picks

Degenerates unite, if you've been in a slump fear not and follow me into the promised land. If you're in debt to your bookie worry no more, for I am here to get you back to living your life with both knee caps intact. This weekend I'll come through with 3 NCAA and 3 NFL... Continue Reading →

Lions Preseason: What to Watch for

FOOTBALL IS BACK FOLKS! After an arduous wait, our boys in Honolulu blue are finally suiting up against a different team. That's right baseball season is officially done, summer is coming to a close, and we can finally sit back and watch the fastest, most violent, and most entertaining sport on the planet. In case... Continue Reading →

Lions Draft Options 1st Round

This post kicks off my 3-part series of picks I would love in the 2018 draft for our Detroit Lions.  Today's post will highlight picks I would like on Day 1. Then, depending on who we actually take, I will submit a post for Day 2, and Day 3, and give you some names to... Continue Reading →

Mock Draft 2.0

The combine has concluded, pro days are underway, and Marsh and I are back with another mock draft.  In this edition we go 3 rounds, Marsh has #1 and the odd numbers, I have #2 and the evens.  Let's get to it. Round 1 Cleveland Browns - Sam Darnold QB USC - Cleveland has to go... Continue Reading →

NFL Mock Draft 1.0 (2 rd)

The idea is simple, two round NFL mock draft by Marsh and KP with rotating selections.  A coin flip will determine the #1 pick, and we will rotate pick by pick and select the players we think the teams SHOULD select (not who we think they WILL select). KP with the #1 pick so KP... Continue Reading →

NFL Trade Deadline Recap

Another NFL trade deadline has come and gone, but this one has been notably different than any in recent memory.  Sure, when you look back through the league's history you'll find some blockbuster deadline deals, hell you'll even find bigger names being traded than the stars moved this year, but the volume of big time... Continue Reading →

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