Pistons New Era

I'm going to preface this by saying that I do believe our Detroit Pistons have slightly handicapped our future with this trade for Blake Griffin.  Since Stan Van Gundy took over for Detroit in 2014 his draft history has been suspect at best, missing out on the likes of Devin Booker, Miles Turner, Caris Lavert,... Continue Reading →

Seven Up: Staff NCAAF Picks Week 12

Filling in for this week in the last-minute edition of the staff picks.  Give us a break we have jobs and shit.  Starting with a quick look at where we stand to this point of the season (spoiler alert.. I'm dominating) KP: 9-4-1 Scott: 5-8-1 Doc: 5-8-1 Marsh: 5-8-1 Games: Texas @ West Virginia (-3)... Continue Reading →


Now that we're officially 13% of the way through the NBA season I think it's appropriate for a cult leading post to get all of Detroit on board with the 2017-2018 Detroit Pistons.  As a 1/2 season ticket holder I believe it is my duty to support this team through thick and thin and now... Continue Reading →

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