Lions Preseason: What to Watch for

FOOTBALL IS BACK FOLKS! After an arduous wait, our boys in Honolulu blue are finally suiting up against a different team. That's right baseball season is officially done, summer is coming to a close, and we can finally sit back and watch the fastest, most violent, and most entertaining sport on the planet. In case... Continue Reading →

Pistons Fantasy Lineup

So being a Pistons fan is depressing.. Being a Pistons fan watching arguably the best basketball in the history of the league is really depressing.  That being said I want to have a little fun, while at the same time making me want to cry by putting together a completely hypothetical, very unrealistic Pistons lineup... Continue Reading →

Mock Draft 3.0 (5 Rounds)

Same format as the last two, Marsh and I take over for NFL GM's here.  I start with Cleveland at #1 and take all odd number picks, and Marsh starts at #2 with the G-Men and will handle the even numbers.  There will be two separate posts linked at the end with a summary of... Continue Reading →

Mock Draft 3.0 Trade Analysis

Another link to the mock incase you missed it: Broncos trade round 1 pick 5 to Bills Broncos receive round 1 pick 5, round 2 pick 21, round 3 pick 1 Bills go up and get their Quarterback while the Broncos pick up more picks to improve depth for a roster with many needs. Ravens... Continue Reading →

Mock Draft 3.0 Analysis

This post is simply an analysis of our mock draft 3.0.  We figured it would be a bit easier to put together every team's haul and make things a bit easier to read.  While we alternated pick by pick, the analysis is a bit different.  Marsh is analyzing the AFC, and I'm taking the AFC,... Continue Reading →

Lions Draft Options 1st Round

This post kicks off my 3-part series of picks I would love in the 2018 draft for our Detroit Lions.  Today's post will highlight picks I would like on Day 1. Then, depending on who we actually take, I will submit a post for Day 2, and Day 3, and give you some names to... Continue Reading →

Mock Draft 2.0

The combine has concluded, pro days are underway, and Marsh and I are back with another mock draft.  In this edition we go 3 rounds, Marsh has #1 and the odd numbers, I have #2 and the evens.  Let's get to it. Round 1 Cleveland Browns - Sam Darnold QB USC - Cleveland has to go... Continue Reading →

UofM Pregame Thoughts

Are we all still scared of UofM? Look they've been playing tremendous basketball down the stretch this year, and yes it's hard to forget them controlling the game on our own court January 13th.  But are we forgetting this team has won 13 straight games?  Have they looked pretty?  Absolutely not, but it's all about... Continue Reading →

2018 NFL Draft Positional Rankings

Here with a quick pre-combine positional ranking list for the 2018 NFL Draft.  Not gonna ramble too much here I'll get right to business with my top 7 prospects per position. Quarterback: Baker Mayfield (Oklahoma) - The stats on this kid tell the entire story, 3 straight seasons leading the nation in QBR, 71% completion percentage, 4,627 yards,... Continue Reading →

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