MSU vs Indiana Preview

Indiana has always been a tough out, and this week should be no exception.  This Saturday at 7:30 EST the Spartans will head to Bloomington to take on the Hoosiers, and if there is such thing as a "must-win game" in the first week of B1G play, this is it.  Michigan State is coming off... Continue Reading →

Seven Up: Staff NCAAF Picks – Week 3

Is it November yet? This college football season is taking its sweet old time getting up to speed, and this week is no exception. Every week, there seems to be an even larger batch of meaningless games, and another national "powerhouse" program sinks back into mediocrity. Eventually, someday on the proverbial horizon, we'll get to... Continue Reading →

Preseason Week 2 Recap

I'll preface this by saying I had great seats and a few beers through this game so my grammar and spelling will be off, and my takes might be spicy. I kept an eye on a few key players I hope to make an impact this year and wanted to give an up close perspective... Continue Reading →

Spartan Football 2018 Preview

The pageantry, the intense passion, the blind football, it's all back soon.  On Saturday August 25th, the college football season begins, and 6 days later the Michigan State Spartans will have their first test of the year against Utah State in East Lansing.  We've waited a long time to see this team back on... Continue Reading →

Lions Preseason: What to Watch for

FOOTBALL IS BACK FOLKS! After an arduous wait, our boys in Honolulu blue are finally suiting up against a different team. That's right baseball season is officially done, summer is coming to a close, and we can finally sit back and watch the fastest, most violent, and most entertaining sport on the planet. In case... Continue Reading →

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